How to Create Music ScreenSaver? DDSoft Provides Cool ScreenSaver Maker Software for You.

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Music ScreenSaver is ScreenSavers with background music. You can make Music ScreenSaver with !Easy ScreenSaver Station.
To add music to your ScreenSaver, you can drag and drop or click the menu item Edit -> Background Music -> Add..., and select music file. !Easy ScreenSaver Station supports various formats of audio such as mp3, wma, wav, midi, etc.. Your creation also supports them.
You can control how the music is played when your ScreenSaver is running. Just config your music ScreenSaver.
How to config your ScreenSaver?
Right click your ScreenSaver file in the Windows Explorer and select the command Config. In the config window of your ScreenSaver, click the tab Music, then you can check or uncheck the options "Shuffle", "Repeat All" and "Mute" which are easy to understand. After completed the configuration, click OK to close the config window and save your settings.
Please NOTE, ScreenSavers with the same name will share the settings, so we strongly recommend you not to make 2 ScreenSavers the same name.