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(This review is for an old version of !Easy ScreenSaver Station which was named !Easy ScreenSaver Studio.)
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Reviewed Free Downloads Center!Easy ScreenSaver Studio is the professional and fun tool for creating quality image screensavers as quickly and as easily as possible. Sporting a tight interface and all the tools you need to design as simple or as complex a screensaver as your heart desires, !Easy ScreenSaver Studio is a program for both novices and skilled designers alike.

Essentially what the program does is compile your digital pictures into a .scr file and add effects and a soundtrack. You can add up to 128 different kinds of playing effects, combined with preprocessed image effects such as mirroring, and then add your favorite music such as a MP3 or WMA (Windows Media) file. Once done, you compile it to the standard screensaver .scr format, password protect it if desired, and share your saver with friends and family or keep your digital masterpiece for use on your own machine.

Now you can design themed screensavers around your new baby, your sister's wedding, your last birthday party, vacation or whatever and whenever you desire. Can you hear "Chicago's Greatest Hits" playing in the background of your honeymoon inspired screensaver. What about "Bad to the Bone" playing around your new born son’s themed screensaver. The possibilities are fun, endless, and oft times hilarious to share with your loved ones.

I really enjoyed this download. I had a lot of fun designing some screensavers around my baby daughter complete with "Big Girls Don't Cry" playing in the background. My wife and I had a good laugh. For a fun download that keeps you in touch with the real world, I highly recommend !Easy ScreenSaver Studio.
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