How to Create ScreenSaver? DDSoft Provides Cool ScreenSaver Maker Software for You.

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SCR Player can launch your ScreenSaver Data(SSD) file created by !Easy ScreenSaver Station.
You can use !Easy ScreenSaver Station to create the SSD file for SCR Player. The SSD file is much smaller than SCR/EXE file for it doesn't contain the program, only data.
You can use the context menu of SSD file to run/install/config/edit a SSD file.
SCR Player support "Drag and Drop" operations. You can drag your SSD file from Windows Explorer and drop it into SCR Player window to load the SSD file. It works the same way as !Easy ScreenSaver Station opening the SCR/SSD file.
SCR Player also support multi language. Click the "Languages" button to select a different language if available, and translation is also easy.