Multi Languages supportHints and Tips
You can use the keyboard shortcut in !Easy ScreenSaver Station. It's much quicker.
For example, you can Press Ctrl+F to view a selected image in full screen. The shortcuts in !Easy ScreenSaver Station are listed below:
Shortcut Command
Ctrl+N New Wizard
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+X Close
Ctrl+Ins Add Images
Shift+Ctrl+Ins Add Flash
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+E Edit
Ctrl+T Transition
Ctrl+D Delay
Ctrl+L Labels
Ctrl+F Full View
Ctrl+W Preview
F1 Help Contents
Ctrl+F1 About
Alt+F4 Exit
You can press the keyboard to scroll the foreground objects in your creation if the option "Allow Keyboard Shortcuts" is checked while designing your ScreenSaver(Read the topic Wizard -> General for more information). This is great to view your images or Flash without having to wait.
If you clicked any other keys, the ScreenSaver will terminate. The key you can press while running your ScreenSaver is listed below.
Key Function
Arrow Left
Arrow Up
Scroll back to the previous image
Arrow Right
Arrow Down
Scroll forward to the next image