ScreenSaver Now!Using Drag and Drop
SCR Player is a program distributed along with !Easy ScreenSaver Station. It can run your ScreenSaver Data(SSD) files created by !Easy ScreenSaver Station.
You can create SSD files using !Easy ScreenSaver Station and play them with SCR Player. A SSD file is much smaller than a SCR/EXE file for it doesn't contain the program, only data.
You can click the context menu associated to SSD file to run, install, config or edit a SSD file. Click HERE to know what the context menus of SSD file can do.
SCR Player supports "Drag and Drop" operation, too. You can drag a SSD file from the Windows Explorer and drop it into SCR Player Config window to load it. It works just the same way as !Easy ScreenSaver Station opening the SCR/SSD file.
SCR Player also supports multi languages. Click the button Languages to select a different language if available.