Using Drag and DropContext Menus
A ScreenSaver file is a program that has .SCR extension. When there's no input from the user for a period of time, the Windows system runs the default ScreenSaver that user specified. You can config which ScreenSaver to be set as the default one in the "Display Property" window.
Normally, the context menu of .SCR files contains the Test, Install, Config and some other commands. You can right click the ScreenSaver file and select one to execute the command.
When !Easy ScreenSaver Station was installed to your system, there is an extra Edit in the .SCR files context menu. You can click the Edit command to open and edit a ScreenSaver created by !Easy ScreenSaver Station quickly. You can also install your ScreenSaver by clicking the Install button in !Easy ScreenSaver Station window while editing.
You can run !Easy ScreenSaver Station to create self-installing ScreenSaver applications and ScreenSaver Data(SSD) files.
The self-installing ScreenSaver application is an executive file. Running it will show you a Setup Wizard window that guides you to install the ScreenSaver to your Windows system.
Open SCR Player to launch you SSD file, please.
You can also manage your ScreenSavers with !Easy ScreenSaver Station. Click or right click the tray icon at the right bottom of your screen, and click the command My ScreenSavers, the "My ScreenSavers" window is shown, then you can search ScreenSaver files in your system and run, install, config or edit them. To add a ScreenSaver file manually, please Drag and Drop.